A downloadable game for Windows

The two sole operators of the AAA Ace Interplanetary Decontamination Service are determined to solve the mystery of a beautiful world which has inexplicably claimed the lives of every person who has tried to settle on it.

Based on the 1954 science fiction short story by Robert Sheckley.

Install instructions

Extract the zip file wherever you wish. The game's executable is in the Windows folder. If you want to change whether the game is run in a window or full screen, run winsetup.exe.


Ghost V.zip 106 MB

Development log


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I really like it - I love SciFi stories (even if I didn't know the short one you picked as a base for your game) and I surely loved your graphic (and you did a lot of frames!) - congratulations

Cool! So many lovely monsters :)

Thank you very much!

A cool & creepy adventure. Really liked the old old school sci-fi movie aesthetics. Good work in the jam! :) Also, playthrough! 


Thank you very much!

The style works well for telling this kind of story and I admit, with your beautiful art and the appropriately creepy music, I was startled a few times. Great work once again, Akril!

Thank you very much!