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Since it's no secret that I am a fan of the author of "Ghost V", I thought I'd get in a couple more plugs for his material:

There is a small collection of Sheckley's stories compiled here. Three of my favorites which aren't in that list are described and linked to below:

"The King's Wishes" (1953): A lighthearted, amusing tale about a time-traveling pseudo-genie stealing items from a couple's appliance store. One interesting element to this story is that the approaches the man and the woman take to solving this problem, which run contrary to the stereotypes one might expect of a 1950s couple. 

"A Thief in Time" (1954): A man is confronted by police from the future, accusing him of a theft he has yet to commit, which was made with the help of a time machine he has yet to invent. His attempt to escape them sends him into the far future as well as the far past. Fans of Philip K. Dick may notice similarities to Dick's short story, "Paycheck", which was published in 1953, one year before Sheckley's story was published. A similar coincidence happened with Dick's "Fair Game" and Sheckley's "Fishing Season", although in this case, Sheckley's story came first.

"The Necessary Thing" (1955): Another of Sheckley's AAA Ace stories. By present day's standards, it could be interpreted as a cautionary tale of what might happen if 3D printing becomes a bit too sophisticated.

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